AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 hoursdrivers/net: share vdev data to secondary processHEADmasterJianfeng Tan
2 hoursdrivers/net: do not use private ethdev dataJianfeng Tan
2 hoursbus/vdev: scan by multi-process channelJianfeng Tan
2 hoursbus/vdev: add lock on device listJianfeng Tan
2 hourseal: bring forward multi-process channel initJianfeng Tan
12 hoursmempool: support flushing the default cacheArtem V. Andreev
12 hoursmempool: remove callback to register memory areaAndrew Rybchenko
12 hoursmempool/dpaa: prepare to remove register memory area opAndrew Rybchenko
12 hoursmempool/octeontx: prepare to remove register memory area opAndrew Rybchenko
12 hoursmempool: deprecate xmem functionsAndrew Rybchenko
12 hoursmempool: remove callback to get capabilitiesAndrew Rybchenko
13 hoursmempool: add op to populate objects using provided memoryAndrew Rybchenko
13 hoursmempool: add op to calculate memory size to be allocatedAndrew Rybchenko
13 hoursmempool: ensure mempool is initialized before populatingArtem V. Andreev
13 hoursmempool: rename flag to control IOVA-contiguous objectsAndrew Rybchenko
13 hoursmempool: fix leak when no objects are populatedAndrew Rybchenko
16 hoursapp/test: enhance power manager unit testsReshma Pattan
16 hoursmk: fix make defconfig on FreeBSDDavid Hunt
16 hoursipc: fix timeout handling in asyncJianfeng Tan
16 hoursipc: clean up codeJianfeng Tan
16 hoursipc: fix resource leak in init failureAnatoly Burakov
16 hoursipc: fix return without mutex unlockAnatoly Burakov
16 hoursipc: use strlcpy where applicableAnatoly Burakov
16 hoursfbarray: check sysconf failureAnatoly Burakov
16 hoursfbarray: fix potential null-dereferenceAnatoly Burakov
16 hoursfbarray: check for open failureAnatoly Burakov
16 hoursfbarray: use strlcpy instead of snprintfAnatoly Burakov
16 hoursfbarray: make all fbarrays hidden filesAnatoly Burakov
17 hoursapp/testpmd: allow none shaper profileTomasz Duszynski
17 hourscmdline: standardize conversion of IP address stringsOlivier Matz
17 hoursvfio: fix boundary check in region searchXiao Wang
19 hourscrypto/dpaa2_sec: fix HMAC supported digest sizesHemant Agrawal
19 hourscrypto/dpaa_sec: fix HMAC supported digest sizesHemant Agrawal
19 hourscrypto/dpaa_sec: support dynamic loggingHemant Agrawal
19 hourscrypto/zuc: batch ops with same transformPablo de Lara
19 hourscrypto/zuc: remove unnecessary checkPablo de Lara
19 hourscrypto/zuc: do not set default op statusPablo de Lara
19 hoursmaintainers: update MRVL crypto PMDTomasz Duszynski
19 hoursapp/testpmd: support IPsec eventAnoob Joseph
19 hoursexamples/ipsec-secgw: handle ESN soft limit eventAnoob Joseph
19 hourssecurity: extend userdata for IPsec eventsAnoob Joseph
19 hourssecurity: add ESN soft limit in configAnoob Joseph
19 hoursethdev: support inline IPsec eventsAnoob Joseph
19 hoursexamples/ipsec-secgw: fix usage printAnoob Joseph
19 hoursdoc: add virtio crypto PMD guideJay Zhou
19 hourstest/crypto: add tests for virtio-cryptoJay Zhou
19 hourscrypto/virtio: support HMAC-SHA1Jay Zhou
19 hourscrypto/virtio: support AES-CBCJay Zhou
19 hourscrypto/virtio: support stats related opsJay Zhou
19 hourscrypto/virtio: support burst enqueue/dequeueJay Zhou