AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
26 hoursversion: 18.05-rc5HEADv18.05-rc5masterThomas Monjalon
27 hoursnet/tap: fix vdev data sharing for tunVipin Varghese
27 hoursnet/tap: fix protocol fieldVipin Varghese
27 hoursdoc: update release notes for mlx driversShahaf Shuler
27 hoursnet/liquidio: fix link state fetching during startChuhong Yao
27 hoursnet/bnxt: fix Rx checksum flagsAjit Khaparde
27 hoursnet/bnxt: fix xstats for VFAjit Khaparde
27 hoursnet/bnxt: fix VF resource allocationAjit Khaparde
27 hoursnet/bnxt: use first completion ring for fwd and async eventAjit Khaparde
27 hoursnet/bnxt: fix RSS hash configurationAjit Khaparde
27 hoursnet/bnxt: fix Tx and Rx burst for secondary processAjit Khaparde
27 hoursnet/bnxt: add fallthrough commentAjit Khaparde
27 hoursapp/testpmd: fix descriptor number for Rx queue setupFerruh Yigit
27 hoursapp/testpmd: fix log of start commandBernard Iremonger
27 hoursnet/mlx5: remove redundant checksYongseok Koh
27 hoursnet/mlx5: fix setting offsets for SW parserYongseok Koh
27 hoursnet/ixgbe: remove unnecessary macroQi Zhang
27 hoursnet/failsafe: fix duplicate event registrationMatan Azrad
27 hoursnet/failsafe: fix removed sub-device cleanupMatan Azrad
27 hoursnet/vhost: convert to new Rx/Tx offload APIMaxime Coquelin
27 hoursnet/mlx4: refactor RSS conversion functionsAdrien Mazarguil
27 hoursnet/mlx4: fix default in RSS converterAdrien Mazarguil
27 hoursnet/i40e: remove dependency on old Rx flagsQi Zhang
27 hoursnet/bonding: export mode 4 slave info routineChas Williams
27 hoursnet/vdev_netvsc: fix automatic probingMatan Azrad
27 hoursnet/ark: fix call to probing finish function for first portEd Czeck
27 hoursnet/i40e: fix shifts of signed valuesFerruh Yigit
27 hoursnet/e1000: fix build of igb onlyHarry van Haaren
27 hoursnet/mlx5: fix count in xstatsDavid Marchand
27 hoursethdev: update description of port nameVipin Varghese
27 hoursnet/tap: fix device removal when no queue existOphir Munk
27 hoursethdev: fix shallow copy of flow API RAW itemAdrien Mazarguil
27 hoursapp/testpmd: fix copy of raw flow item - revisitedAdrien Mazarguil
27 hoursnet/cxgbevf: fix inter-VM traffic when physical link downShagun Agrawal
27 hoursnet/i40e: fix corruption of VF statsRemy Horton
27 hoursnet/ixgbe: fix config VLAN strip on the flyWei Dai
27 hoursnet/qede: fix unicast filter routine return codeShahed Shaikh
27 hoursnet/qede/base: reduce verbosity in HW init logRasesh Mody
27 hoursnet/qede: fix missing loop index in Tx SG modeRasesh Mody
27 hoursnet/qede: fix multicast filteringHarish Patil
27 hoursnet/ixgbe: fix DCB configurationQiming Yang
27 hoursapp/testpmd: fix exit for virtio-userZhiyong Yang
27 hoursethdev: fix storage type of latest port idZhiyong Yang
27 hoursdoc: fix spelling in i40e guideQiming Yang
27 hoursdevtools: check Linux script path if directoryJuhamatti Kuusisaari
27 hoursdevtools: add git log checks for more acronymsFerruh Yigit
27 hoursdoc: add note about device options for multi-processVipin Varghese
29 hoursmaintainers: add maintainer for testpmdBernard Iremonger
29 hoursmaintainers: add missing doc referencesFerruh Yigit
29 hourskni: fix build on CentOS 7.4Dan Gora