AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
44 hoursdevtools: make checkpatch cleaner for renamed filesHEADmasterDavid Hunt
44 hoursmempool: remove deprecated get and put functionsOlivier Matz
44 hoursmempool: remove deprecated count functionsOlivier Matz
45 hoursmaintainers: fix script pathsThomas Monjalon
45 hourslog: remove old symbols from mapThomas Monjalon
45 hourskni: remove KNI vhost supportFerruh Yigit
45 hoursdoc: add removed items section to release notesFerruh Yigit
6 daysversion: 17.05-rc0Thomas Monjalon
6 daysdoc: add template release notes for 17.05John McNamara
6 daysmaintainers: claim responsibility for vhost and virtioMaxime Coquelin
8 daysversion: 17.02.0v17.02releasesThomas Monjalon
8 daysdoc: update release notes for 17.02John McNamara
8 daysdoc: add description of review tagsHarry van Haaren
8 daysdoc: add thread-safety information about EFD libraryPablo de Lara
8 daysdoc: announce API change for cryptodev sessions infoAkhil Goyal
8 daysdoc: announce ABI change for cryptodev configurationFan Zhang
8 daysdoc: announce KNI vhost removalFerruh Yigit
8 daysdoc: announce API changes for vhostYuanhan Liu
8 daysdoc: announce move of ethdev bypass function to ixgbe APIBernard Iremonger
9 daysdoc: postpone API change in ethdevThomas Monjalon
9 daysdoc: announce VFIO symbols renaming for exportShreyansh Jain
9 daysdoc: announce API changes to implement the bus modelThomas Monjalon
9 daysdoc: announce ABI change for ring libraryBruce Richardson
9 daysdoc: announce TILE-Gx removalThomas Monjalon
9 dayscfgfile: fix uninitialized variable on load errorDmitriy Yakovlev
9 daysdoc: fix images of virtio-user tutorialsJianfeng Tan
9 daysdoc: introduce tested platforms as combinationsThomas Monjalon
9 daysdoc: add EAL bus support in release notesShreyansh Jain
9 daysdoc: add tested Intel platforms in the release notesYulong Pei
9 daysdoc: update release notes for mlx5Nelio Laranjeiro
9 daysdoc: update release notes for mlx4Nelio Laranjeiro
9 daysdoc: merge test sections in release notesNelio Laranjeiro
9 daysvfio: fix maximum number of interrupt for MSI-XQi Zhang
9 daysethdev: fix typo in UDP tunnel API descriptionAndrew Rybchenko
10 daysdoc: add distributor library API change noticeDavid Hunt
10 daysdoc: remove deprecation notice for bus abstractionShreyansh Jain
10 daysdoc: postpone ABI changes to 17.05Olivier Matz
10 daysdoc: remove announce of Tx preparationThomas Monjalon
13 daysversion: 17.02-rc3v17.02-rc3Thomas Monjalon
13 daysdoc: clarify multi-buffer crypto library version supportPablo de Lara
13 dayscrypto/scheduler: fix session backupFan Zhang
13 dayscrypto/scheduler: fix initializationFan Zhang
13 daysapp/crypto-perf: fix null dereferenceSlawomir Mrozowicz
13 daysapp/crypto-perf: fix size of expressionJacek Piasecki
13 daysapp/crypto-perf: fix crash for wireless algorithmsSlawomir Mrozowicz
13 daysapp/crypto-perf: fix uninitialized variableAleksander Gajewski
13 daysexamples/l2fwd-crypto: fix paddingPablo de Lara
13 daysexamples/l2fwd-crypto: fix overflowPablo de Lara
13 daysapp/crypto-perf: fix big parameter passed by valueJacek Piasecki
13 daysdrivers/crypto: fix different auth/cipher keysPablo de Lara