AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 hoursnet/virtio: fix build without virtio-userHEADmasterThomas Monjalon
4 hoursexamples/ethtool: display firmware versionQiming Yang
4 hoursnet/i40e: add firmware version getQiming Yang
4 hoursnet/ixgbe: add firmware version getQiming Yang
4 hoursnet/e1000: add firmware version getQiming Yang
4 hoursethdev: add firmware version getQiming Yang
15 hoursnet/virtio: fix advertised Rx offload capabilitiesOlivier Matz
8 hoursexamples/performance-thread: add packet type parsingTomasz Kulasek
8 hoursexamples/ip_pipeline: fix parsing of pass-through pipelineJasvinder Singh
8 hoursexamples/ip_pipeline: fix coremask limitationSankar Chokkalingam
8 hoursexamples/ip_pipeline: check VLAN and MPLS parametersAnand B Jyoti
8 hoursexamples/ip_pipeline: remove useless makefile lineThomas Monjalon
9 hoursexamples/l3fwd: rework long options parsingOlivier Matz
9 hoursexamples/l2fwd: rework long options parsingOlivier Matz
10 hoursdoc: fix links to Linux in contribution guideYongseok Koh
10 hoursdoc: simplify l3fwd example guidePablo de Lara
10 hoursdoc: fix a typo in prog guideYong Wang
10 hoursdoc: fix a typo in proc_info guideRami Rosen
10 hoursdoc: fix a typo in testpmd guideRami Rosen
10 hoursapp/testpmd: fix check for invalid portsWenzhuo Lu
10 hourseal: optimize aligned memcpy on x86Zhihong Wang
17 hoursexamples/l3fwd-power: fix stop and close on signalJianfeng Tan
17 hoursexamples/l3fwd-power: add --parse-ptype optionJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio: unmap queue/irq when closingJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio: unbind interrupt/eventfd when stoppingJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio: setup Rx queue interruptsJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio: add Rx interrupt enable/disable functionsJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio: add PCI operation for queue/irq bindingJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio: add Rx descriptor checkJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio: invoke method directly for setting IRQ configJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio: fix rewriting LSC flagJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio-user: enable multiqueue with kernel vhostJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio-user: enable offloadingJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio-user: support kernel vhostJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio-user: abstract backend operationsJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio-user: move vhost-user specific codeJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio-user: fix not properly reset deviceJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio-user: fix wrongly get/set featuresJianfeng Tan
17 hoursnet/virtio: do not store PCI device pointer at shared memoryYuanhan Liu
17 hoursnet/virtio: access interrupt handler directlyYuanhan Liu
17 hoursnet/virtio: fix multiple process supportYuanhan Liu
17 hoursnet/virtio: store IO port info locallyYuanhan Liu
17 hoursnet/virtio: store PCI operators pointer locallyYuanhan Liu
17 hoursnet/virtio: fix wrong Rx/Tx method for secondary processYuanhan Liu
17 hoursethdev: fix port data mismatched in multiple process modelYuanhan Liu
17 hoursvhost: allow many vhost-user portsJan Wickbom
17 hoursvhost: introduce reply ack featureMaxime Coquelin
17 hoursexamples/vhost: fix lcore initializationYong Wang
17 hoursexamples/vhost: fix calculation of mbuf countYong Wang
17 hoursnet/vhost: emulate device start/stop behaviorChas Williams