[dpdk-dev] [PATCH] pmdinfogen: Resolve coverity scan forward null issue

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Fri Jan 6 11:41:45 CET 2017

2017-01-05 14:22, Neil Horman:
> From: Neil Horman <nhorman at redhat.com>
> Coverity issue 139593 reports a forward null dereference from a for loop
> that works with a variable previously tested for null that had no error
> handling or condition to prevent it.  Pretty obvious fix below.
> Signed-off-by: Neil Horman <nhorman at tuxdriver.com>

Coverity issue: 139593
Fixes: 98b0fdb0ffc6 ("pmdinfogen: add buildtools and pmdinfogen utility")

Applied, thanks

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