[dpdk-dev] Port stats zero when using MLX5 DPDK driver

george.dit at gmail.com george.dit at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 14:38:17 CET 2017


I have a simple setup with a machine that contains a dual port 10 GbE Intel
82599ES NIC and another dual port 100 GbE Mellanox ConnectX-4 NIC. The
Intel ports are 0 and 1, while the Mellanox ones are 2 and 3.

I properly compiled DPDK 16.11 and test-pmd works just fine for all 4 ports.
Then, I ran a simple primary application that forwards packets from 0 <-->
1 and 2 <--> 3 and started dpdk-procinfo -- --stats (or --xstats) as a
secondary monitoring process, while sending some traffic to all 4 ports.
The problem I see is that the statistics reported by the Mellanox NICs are
always zero (Intel ports report just fine).

What is the reason behind this behavior? Is there a bug in the driver
(maybe recently fixed by DPDK 17.02 rc?) or is it simply a lack of this

Thanks and best regards,

   Georgios Katsikas
   Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant
   Network Systems Lab (NSL)

       *E-Mail:*  george <george.katsikas at imdea.org>.dit at gmail.com
   *Web Site:*  http://www.di.uoa.gr/~katsikas/

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