[dpdk-dev] delay for 17.02-rc1

Xu, Qian Q qian.q.xu at intel.com
Tue Jan 17 09:37:25 CET 2017

For validation, we don't expect too much difference b/w RC1 and RC2. If only 1-2 features gap, then it's acceptable, but if 
too many features differences b/w RC1 and RC2, then RC1 test result may be meaningless. 
If some patches are ready, could we merge them to master branch ASAP, we have the daily regression test on the master branch, so we 
can identify any new issues very quickly. If all patches merge to master in one day, we may meet many errors that is difficult to track. 

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> Hi all,
> As you know, the integration deadline was on January 5th:
> 	http://dpdk.org/dev/roadmap#dates
> Unfortunately, a lot of patches are not ready yet.
> There are some delays in every areas, so neither the next-* trees, nor the
> mainline, are ready.
> We cannot have too much delay because:
> 1/ we must be on time for next releases
> 2/ there will be holidays in China very soon
> Which solutions do we have?
> 1/ close 17.02 features now and frustrate everyone 2/ postpone some patches
> to RC2 if they do not disturb validation too much 3/ hurry up
> Comments are welcome

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