[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v4 20/29] net/ena: use eal I/O device memory read/write API

Jan Mędala jan at semihalf.com
Tue Jan 17 13:51:38 CET 2017

Jerin, Santosh,

As you are introducing improved I/O access API, I would like to ask to
change ENA platform code to:

* #define ENA_REG_WRITE32(value, reg) rte_write32_relaxed((value), (reg))*
* #define ENA_REG_READ32(reg) rte_read32_relaxed((reg))*

There is no more need to have read/write functions within platform code (
*readl()*, *writel()*, *writel_relaxed()*), as we can directly map our API
macro to DPDK platform implementation.
Also I would prefer to keep API within *drivers/net/ena/base/ena_eth_com.h*
and map define ENA_REG_WRITE32 to relaxed version (when barrier is needed
we call it explicitly in driver code, there is no need to have
ENA_REG_WRITE32_RELAXED). That will help us to manage code together between
the different platforms.

Should I do the change for ENA or do you want to keep the current flow and
take care of it?

​Best regards

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