[dpdk-dev] Performance issue in DPDK setup

Priyanka ppnaik at cse.iitb.ac.in
Thu Jan 19 07:47:04 CET 2017

Hi All,

We have VMs on a physical server  with both VMs having 1 core 7 GB RAM 
with DPDK 16.04. The VMs are communicating using SR-IOV (per VM 1 VF is 
assigned). We are performance benchmarking the setup with our 
application which sends burst of packet on the sender VM and receiver VM 
receives it in a ring. But we are unable to get good performance at L2 
layer also. The problem we noticed is that if we attempt to send a burst 
of 1 lakh (1,00,000) packet at a go, the receiver side is able to 
receive only 40,000 packets. We feel there is some buffer overflow 
happening but we cannot trace it. So, we feel a uniform rate of sending 
packet and not a huge burst would be a better application for benchmarking.

Is there a application available in DPDK where we can specify the 
sending rate i.e. ask the application to send 1 Gbps traffic etc, so 
that it would send 1 Gb traffic uniformly in the second.
Please guide us on this.



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