[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v3] doc: add known uio_pci_generic issue for i40e

Mcnamara, John john.mcnamara at intel.com
Thu Jan 19 15:53:54 CET 2017

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> Subject: RE: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH v3] doc: add known uio_pci_generic issue
> for i40e
> Hi,john
>       The "bind uio_pci_generic`` is not the definitely command, but very
> appreciate for your correcting the other syntax issue. I will involve them
> in v4, Thanks very much.

Hi Jeff, 

Variables, functions, program names, file names and any other literal should 
be in backtick quotes, as outlined in the DPDK Documentation: 


So uio_pci_generic should be quoted with backticks. If you want to add bind then do:
``--bind= uio_pci_generic`` or similar.

Either way it shouldn't be quoted using the "smart" Unicode or non-Unicode quotes as in the
patch. All quotes should be straight ASCII double quotes (""). The Html/PDF renderers
will convert to the correct quotes as required.

> > related `linux kernel commit
> > +   < https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-
> > stable.git/commit/drivers/pci/quirks.c?id=8bcf4525c5d43306c5fd07e132bc
> > 8650
> > e3491aec>`_.

Also, this link generates a doc build error. I think because of the space
between the < and the https:.


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