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43 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
42 DPDK cryptode dev CONF --- Crypto_mrvl error with multiple instances 2018-05-17
1 DPDK other dev CONF --- Green goal: power efficiency with all hardwares 2018-02-07
4 DPDK testpmd dev CONF --- Segfault while running txonly mode with 4 16B SGEs packets 2018-01-03
5 DPDK other dev CONF --- This is a Bug, Please Disabled Create new Account 2017-12-02
6 DPDK other dev CONF --- dpdk-pdump leads to ovs-vswitchd crash 2018-02-08
8 DPDK core dev CONF --- Debug/error output should go to stderr 2018-01-09
9 DPDK other dev CONF --- qays 2018-02-08
10 DPDK testpmd dev CONF --- [Testpmd] NUMA, speed issue 2018-02-08
13 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- Cannot initialize Intel XL710 40G interface 2018-02-08
14 DPDK other dev CONF --- Kernel Crash bug of ixgbevf kernel module in "Intel(R) 10GbE PCI Express Virtual Function Driver Version: 4.0.3 Release: 1" and the latest version 2018-05-02
15 DPDK core dev CONF --- Kernel crash after "Detected Tx Unit Hang" report 2018-02-06
17 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- vhost example VLAN offloading not working on igb tx 2018-02-27
19 DPDK core dev CONF --- Crash on initialization if first RTE_MAX_LCORE cores are disabled 2018-04-01
20 DPDK core dev CONF --- Undefined behavior caused by NUMA function in eal_memory 2018-04-01
21 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- Ixgbe driver changes FCTRL without first disabling RXCTRL.RXEN 2018-04-11
22 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- Ixgbe driver sets RDRXCTL with the wrong RSCACKC and FCOE_WRFIX values 2018-04-02
23 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- Ixgbe driver writes to reserved bit in the EIMC register 2018-04-01
24 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- Ixgbe driver sets unknown bit of the 82599's SW_FW_SYNC register 2018-04-01
25 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- Ixgbe driver sets TDH register after TXDCTL.ENABLE is set 2018-04-01
26 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- Ixgbe driver does not ensure FWSM firmware mode is valid before using it 2018-04-01
27 DPDK core dev CONF --- Can't build mlx5 from 18.02 on CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 with kernel 3.10.0-693.11.1.el7.x86_64 2018-05-03
29 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- pktgen hangs when it tries to send packets through libvirt driver, works for all other drivers 2018-05-03
30 DPDK cryptode dev CONF --- Compilation error while disabling crypto device library 2018-05-17
31 DPDK core dev CONF --- Does not compile with musl libc: lib/librte_eal/linuxapp/eal/eal_memory.c 2018-05-03
32 DPDK mk dev CONF --- Does not cross-compile: buildtools/ assumes `objdump` 2018-05-03
33 DPDK core dev CONF --- Does not compile with musl libc: lib/librte_eal/linuxapp/eal/eal_hugepage_info.c 2018-05-03
34 DPDK core dev CONF --- Does not compile with musl libc: lib/librte_eal/common/eal_common_fbarray.c 2018-05-03
35 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- Does not compile with musl libc: drivers/bus/pci/linux/pci_uio.c 2018-05-03
36 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- drivers/bus/pci/linux/pci_vfio.c does not compile when compilation strictly fails on warnings 2018-05-03
38 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- Does not compile with musl libc: drivers/net/cxgbe/base/common.h 2018-05-03
39 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- dpdk/drivers/net/enic/base/vnic_devcmd.h does not compile on musl libc because of type `u_int32_t` 2018-05-03
40 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- drivers/net/nfp/nfpcore/nfp-common/nfp_platform.h: does not compile with musl because it uses an internal glibc header 2018-05-03
43 DPDK ethdev dev CONF --- "rte_eth_tx_queue_setup" will be failed if argument "tx_conf" not specified 2018-05-09
44 DPDK examples dev CONF --- examples/l2fwd-crypto : Wrong data length in case of AEAD ciphers 2018-05-09
45 DPDK other dev CONF --- Test compilation fails at 2nd iteration after running resource_autotest 2018-05-10
46 DPDK other dev CONF --- Reciprocal division: Fail [Crash] 2018-05-11
47 DPDK other dev CONF --- Mempool performance autotest: Fail [Timeout] 2018-05-11
48 DPDK vhost/vi dev CONF --- Unexpected performance regression since CVE-2018-1059 fix with vector path Fri 18:03
49 DPDK mk dev CONF --- Compile error kni_net.c unknown field ‘ndo_change_mtu’ Fri 18:17
50 DPDK core dev CONF --- Secondary process launch is unreliable Tue 18:15
7 DPDK ethdev motih CONF --- mlx4 PMD does not receive broadcast packets in promiscuous mode. 2018-01-07
37 DPDK ethdev shreyansh.jain CONF --- DPAA / FSLMC do not compile on the musl libc 2018-05-04
2 DPDK eventdev dev IN_P --- Test bugs for checking the bug flow, no need any fix 2017-09-13
43 bugs found.


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